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Alabama Barrier Island Restoration Assessment Interim Report Available
September 6, 2017:  The Alabama Barrier Island Restoration Assessment (ABIRA) Interim Report is now available on the ABIRA website.
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AGCRC Seeks Spill Impact Component Project Suggestions
July 28, 2017 - The Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council (AGCRC) has announced it is seeking project suggestions for RESTORE Act Spill Impact Component funding (Bucket 3). In addition, the AGCRC announced there would be no limited focus areas for the first round State Expenditure Plan which must be developed to access Spill Impact Component funds.
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AGCRC releases list of Request for Evaluation (RFE) Projects Submitted by AGCRC
March 14, 2017: The following spreadsheet indicates those projects (listed numerically by its online portal identification number) which received at least one RFE by the AGCRC. Those projects receiving 4 or more RFEs (highlighted in yellow) will move forward to the next step in the Project Evaluation Process. A Request for Evaluation does not guarantee a project will be funded; however, it does mean the project will receive further consideration by the AGCRC during development of the Multiyear Implementation Plan (MIP) for “Bucket 1”. For detailed information on the Project Selection Process for First Round MIP Development, please click on the following link: Selection Process.
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